July 2021 Part IV

Click here or on the dining children above for more photos.

KrisDi had her mom’s getaway in Aptos. I think she enjoyed the whisky we sent with her. The first night she was gone, both kids had separate sleepovers (Chilkoot’s first sleepover without his sister!), which meant I was on my own. I visited Malt & Vine one last time. Sadly, they permanently closed in July, shortly after this visit.

Per tradition, we did have a Trucknic the first night she was gone (see the photo above). We got food from Cloud 9 burgers (including shakes).

The next day, after I picked them up, we took FOREVER to make a decision about lunch. I had them both in the car after their sleepovers, and we stopped in the driveway to decide. It was a stupid list of requirements like, “it has to have pancakes for me AND cheeseburger for me AND donuts for both of us, AND it has to be inside with air conditioning…” Eventually we settled on Elliot Bay, which did not meet all the requirements.

The next day, we had a Scouts activity at the park. We managed to just barely squeeze in a nice lunch at a local Korean BBQ place beforehand.

Oh, and totally randomly, Chilkoot became interested in this old 2017 photo of him and me, and wanted to recreate it, so we did.

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He takes up so much more lap space now!

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