Again, nothing interesting to say. But here are pictures from 1984.

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Where the hell am I?

So, I’ve finally succeeded in making Wilmbo post. Andi, of course, still has not. My only friend who regularly posts is Dakashy, who posts like a madwoman. So, first prize goes to Dakashy for posting lots, second to Wilmbo for posting, and third to Andi, for disappointing me. Not really, but that’s what I felt like doing.

I’m not going to remember all the stuff that I’ve done since I posted about stuff that I’ve done. But I do have a lot of stuff I want to write about. So this is going to be a long post. I’ll stick some intermissions in there somewhere.

So, today I watched The Matador. I’m not usually a Pierce Brosnan fan, but this movie was funny. I was LOLling multiple times. I recommend you watch it. If you’re unfamiliar with the movie, it’s about an assassin and his only friend. Plus I recognized every whiskey shown in the movie (that being two that I noticed — Bushmill’s and Maker’s Mark). So go watch it.

If you don’t like whiskey, don’t read this paragraph. I’ve never tried Bushmill’s. Maker’s Mark is pretty good; it’s got a little bit of an apple-y taste to it. Anyway, the whiskey brings my to my next point: the Johnnie Walker Odyssey I undertook the other night. I drank a shot of Red Label, Black Label, Green Label, Gold Label, and Blue Label. Thanks to Northwood for completing my collection with the Gold Label. I bought the Blue Label in Japan, KrisDi got me the Green in Spain. Black and Red are easy to find. Black is yummy and easy to drink. The other ones are also yummy and easy to drink, and do have slightly different flavors. Probably much more subtle differences than my blunt pallette will ever detect, which is why I don’t really plan on ever buying any of them again.

So I’ve been traveling a lot. And will continue to do so. I got to start out the year on a 17 day trip with my girlfriend and roommate, KrisDi and Oleo, who have been mentioned are pictured in various places on this site. That was fun. My favorite part, besides leaving that depressingly frustrating trip, was going to see Reel Big Fish with Goldfinger (and Zebrahead, who I’ve heard of but never cared for [plus a couple bands I’d never heard of and don’t remember now]). I loved Goldfinger and Reel Big Fish. Reel Big Fish especially. That’s definitely one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, even though I did have to watch some guy eat a Snicker’s bar out of Goldfinger’s drummer’s ass. I got to drink lots of beer on this trip, and meet some of Oleo’s old college friends, who were amusing.

While I was home, I tried to convince Dad to send home about 40 pounds of old photos with me, so I could start scanning them. The poor fool decided to take it upon himself to scan them on his own, and then send me a CD. Which was pretty awesome of him. I’m in the process of going through and touching them up, removing dust and scratches, trying to remove the blue fade that seems to afflict old photos. I’ll be putting them up here year by year. In fact, here’s 1981 and 1982. They’ll get better as I get older, but the drool will always remain.

KrisDi gave me Lego Mindstorms for Christmas, and I made a little robotty guy that would go forward until it hit a wall, back up a bit and turn, go forward until it hit the wall, back up and turn, and then do the same once more before giving up entirely. That’s what I did while she and her family were watching the Bears stroll into the playoffs. They’re pretty awesome. The Mindstorms. I guess the Bears are okay, too.

Intermission! Read this, this, and this. Don’t worry, it’s just one comic strip apiece. I picked them myself.

I bought a car, as you would know if you looked through all the pics I linked before. However, I’m now more comfortable driving rental cars than my own car. Which is kind of strange. But not altogether surprising. I also tried to make the last payment on my student loan a week ago, but it hasn’t gone through yet, so I don’t know what the status is on that. But I’m pretty damn excited. My goal for the car is to have it paid off this year. I think I can do it.

Let’s see…I know there’s more. I think I’m going to very shortly be given my promotion. I’m starting to seriously look forward to August, when three years are up and I’m vested and I plan to start looking for a new job. Phoenix is planning on visiting me toward the end of next month. Speaking of which, I need him to firm up the dates so I can tell my boss when I’m not going to be on travel. Hopefully after the paperwork for my promotion is already in. *L*

I finished A Feast for Crows. It was good, but not as good as the first three. But, it was only half a book, I suppose. And it’s still better than the Wheel of Time, which I’m still obligated to read at some point.

Well, that’s all I can think of right now. It’s almost midnight, and I’m going to bed. Tomorrow will be the first time this year that I’ve gotten to sleep in late.

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Catch Up

I don’t know if I can even recall the books and movies since I last posted about them. Last night I watched Falling Down, a movie about a nutjob defense employee who just walks out of traffic one day and has some crazy adventures (I liked it, it was messed up). The other night I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which was different than the first movie of course. I still haven’t read the book, but I certainly will sometime. Deep Roy is awesome. Far better than Johnny Depp, even though he did a passable job too. “Everything here is eatable. I’m even eatable, but that’s called cannibalism, and frowned on in most cultures.” Over Christmas, we watched the first three Harry Potter movies (Sorcerer’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban). I liked all of them (though none of them were spectacular). I’ve read the first two books (years ago), and rereading and catching up is somewhere on my reading queue.

After I caught up on the original Earthsea trilogy, I read Tehanu and Tales from Earthsea. By the way, all of these are by Ursula K. Le Guin. Incidentally, Fantastic Fiction is a great website for fantasy readers. When I have some time at home, I’m going to read The Other Wind, the last Earthsea book.

I’m currently reading A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin. This is the third book in the Song of Ice and Fire series. I love the series, and I’m rereading it so I can get to A Feast for Crows and still know what’s going on. “Epic” is the key descriptor for this series. It’s huge and detailed. In my opinion, it hasn’t stagnated the way Robert Jordan‘s Wheel of Time has. But then, Martin’s only on his fourth book, and Jordan’s written about thirty of them or something. But then, Jordan’s started stagnating around the third book. I hate all his female characters so bad. They’re retarded, and they’re all the same character. *sigh* But I still have to read it. Therefore, Knife of Dreams is still on my list. Luckily, my roommate has a copy, so I shouldn’t have to buy it till it’s on paperback.

I’m sure there’s other things I’ve seen and read. Oh, like Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story. It was okay. Parts of it were funny, if you’re into Family Guy style humor (which I am). And until I recall more stuff, that’s all for now.

I’m stuck in San Diego on a remarkably frustrating trip. The contractors are about two months behind, and they’re in our way. They were supposed to be off the premises by the time we got here, but they’ve got our equipment surrounded by scaffolding and covered in tarps. They’re painting and grinding all around it, so we can’t do anything. Also, the install group is dumb. They were supposed to be done, too, and they’re still not. So, we’ve basically been having a vacation in San Diego. Which is kinda nice, but frustrating because we can’t get any work done.

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Lotta Pictures

Basically, this is just for the buttload of pictures I uploaded. I’m not even going to link to each date separately. They’re all in December 05, so check it out here. If you want more explanation on any of the pictures, drop a comment and I’ll answer.

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