Back again

I’m finally back. That trip sucked. Berthing is always crappy underway, especially when you’re not high enough rank to get a stateroom. I was in the same berthing as 149 other people. The guy bunking below me snored loudly enough that I could feel my rack shaking. And I was underway only three full days (four nights). Oleo’ll have to stay out for like 10 days or something starting next week. Over his birthday, which really sucks. The sailors weren’t particularly well educated either, as you can see from one of the pictures I took.

My flight back was particularly bad. There was a baby seated in the row to my left, and a baby seated directly in front of that baby. After they closed the door to the plane, the stewardesses decided they needed another baby closer to me, and offered two parents and their baby the row directly behind me. After we took off, I found out that there was yet another one a few rows behind me, out of sight. To make matters even better, there were only two people in my set of three seats. I was in the aisle seat, and some mushroom-shaped old lady was in the middle seat, and no one was in the window seat. The mushroom lady apparently thought I was cute enough that she decided to wait for half the flight to move into the window seat, crowding right up next to me while the children took turns screaming. Once she finally decided to move, the children took up a chorus screaming “We want snaotheus to feed us to dingos!” If there had been any dingos on the flight, I might have done just that. Ugh.

When I got back to the house, finally, KrisDi had made me some wonderful Knoephla Soup and a loaf of bread. I was quite happy. Then we watched the White Sox win the first game of their first World Series since 1959. Now I’m watching them play their second game, but they’re losing (even though they have the bases loaded right now). I notice a distinct lack of Red Sox in the world series, Morphic Phoenix.

Right before the game, KrisDi and I decided to play a drinking game. Watch the Big Lebowski, and drink every time someone says “dude”. Konerko just got a grand slam home run to take the lead by two! Awesome! Tonight we’re having wings for dinner.

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I had a lot of spare time on my last trip

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Beer Pong

This one is definitely for MorphicPhoenix. I’ll try to go if you try to go.

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Deja Vu

Sound familiar, my Brethren of the Swine? Ignorant overreactions to harmlessness? Never in this country. *sigh* Oh well. That’s what happens, I guess.

I’m in the hotel now, wasting time. I’m watching the Astros/Cardinals game, impressed at the fact that Roger Clemens is still a dominant pitcher. The man’s ancient by professional athlete standards! I guess Nolan Ryan was, too. The White Sox won last night, which delights KrisDi and now me, since I think I’m a fan now. I stayed up late to watch the whole game.

In my boredom, I photographed a sponge I found in my luggage. I picked it up in a hotel in Japan. Check out how much it grew when I took it out of the package! Ridiculous amusement. But I had nothing better to do. I also found myself working just to do something. That’s when I started watching Bubba Ho-tep.

I don’t remember what else I was going to say, so I’ll go back to doing whatever it was I was doing before. Hmm. Wish me luck.

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Rashomon and Bubba Ho Tep

If they played either of these on a flight, it might set a precedent for decent in-flight entertainment.

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