My Pain

If you’ve ever enjoyed seeing me suffer, you’ll enjoy this.

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Trip to Mom’s

So, very deliberately and quite seriously, Grandma said, “You can look at my underwear, snaotheus.” Grandma was high as a kite!

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Razor blades and disposals

So, I had a bad dream last night. I dreamt that not only did KrisDi and I had a kid, but it was small enough that it went down the drain in the sink, and I couldn’t get it out. I don’t remember for sure if the disposal was on or not, but if it wasn’t, it was about to be turned on. I also recently remembered part of a disturbing dream I had some time ago: jamming razor blades between my teeth. *shiver*

I got back from a trip with my boss on Saturday. On Friday night, I got totally drunk with my boss (well, I got drunk and my boss was there — he only had two beers). The other guy I was traveling with was drinking, too. Which was fun. I got back to the hotel, and figured I should take the time to sober up before going to bed so I wasn’t hung over the next day. So, I decided to play Baldur’s Gate (which I recently purchased at a Fry’s and have been re-obsessed with since), and then realized I should pack for my flight when my alarm went off at 4:45 AM and I was still playing.

The trip itself was no fun, either. Everyone thinks I’m young. My boss’s boss’s boss thinks I look to young to drink. So did all the servers at all the restaurants we visited. I got up to begin one of my presentations (totalling about an hour and fifteen minutes when the three were added together), and (according to my boss), he leaned over to my boss and said, “Is he even old enough to drink?” Apparently meetings and presentations (two things to which I am unaccustomed) make me smarter, though. I finished Tuesday through Friday’s Sudokus and crossword puzzles without a major problem (except I got one letter wrong on Wednesday’s crossword).

Andi just showed me the fat guy singing a Romanian pop song on the internet. It was funny. But I couldn’t take it the third time around. I’ve been overloaded.

Tomorrow KrisDi and I are going up to visit Mom. It’s going to be fun. Or at least relaxing. I’ll have fun either way. KrisDi might get a bit bored, which is unfortunate. But she’ll like Ma’s dog Blue.

Anyway, I can’t think of any pictures to upload. Later I’ll talk about the book I read (first book in the Earthsea series, A Wizard of Earthsea). But not right now. I’m going to go drink more beer and think about the lovely dinner I’m about to eat.

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Trogdor the Burninator, amongst other things

I’ve finally taken a long enough break from reading my current book to update, add pictures, and carve a pumpkin.

So, here are the requested “snaotheus messing himself up while futilely attempting to cook dinner” pics for GirlAndi, as well as our evening project, and even more pics. You might as well look through the index of all the pics I put up today.

Obviously we spent a lot of time making the pumpkin resemble Trogdor the Burninator. It was only $11 for the whole project. $10 for the pumpkin, $1 for four little votive candles. We just now realized that we forgot the spinedies on Trogdor’s back (after watching the SBEMAIL again), so we might have to modify it later.

Kittilix (Mrs. Morphic Phoenix, for those of you keeping track) just had surgery, and apparently had three little bits removed from her back. And I can’t help wondering, what kind of soup could you make with those bits? Perhaps I’m just hungry, but who knows. Hopefully she’ll recover quickly and completely. If not, perhaps we can turn her into the bionic woman, and give her super powers, like the ability to cook spaghetti without getting all over two thirds of the kitchen.

Ma’s birthday’s coming up. My brothers and KrisDi and I ganged together to take a dent out of the camera she wanted. That should please her.

I guess that’s it for today. I’m sure there was more, but I don’t remember any of it right now.

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Back again

I’m finally back. That trip sucked. Berthing is always crappy underway, especially when you’re not high enough rank to get a stateroom. I was in the same berthing as 149 other people. The guy bunking below me snored loudly enough that I could feel my rack shaking. And I was underway only three full days (four nights). Oleo’ll have to stay out for like 10 days or something starting next week. Over his birthday, which really sucks. The sailors weren’t particularly well educated either, as you can see from one of the pictures I took.

My flight back was particularly bad. There was a baby seated in the row to my left, and a baby seated directly in front of that baby. After they closed the door to the plane, the stewardesses decided they needed another baby closer to me, and offered two parents and their baby the row directly behind me. After we took off, I found out that there was yet another one a few rows behind me, out of sight. To make matters even better, there were only two people in my set of three seats. I was in the aisle seat, and some mushroom-shaped old lady was in the middle seat, and no one was in the window seat. The mushroom lady apparently thought I was cute enough that she decided to wait for half the flight to move into the window seat, crowding right up next to me while the children took turns screaming. Once she finally decided to move, the children took up a chorus screaming “We want snaotheus to feed us to dingos!” If there had been any dingos on the flight, I might have done just that. Ugh.

When I got back to the house, finally, KrisDi had made me some wonderful Knoephla Soup and a loaf of bread. I was quite happy. Then we watched the White Sox win the first game of their first World Series since 1959. Now I’m watching them play their second game, but they’re losing (even though they have the bases loaded right now). I notice a distinct lack of Red Sox in the world series, Morphic Phoenix.

Right before the game, KrisDi and I decided to play a drinking game. Watch the Big Lebowski, and drink every time someone says “dude”. Konerko just got a grand slam home run to take the lead by two! Awesome! Tonight we’re having wings for dinner.

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