In the Navy

So, in this dream, I was riding the USS San Antonio. For some reason, a Spanish Navy ship was alongside us, and the two captains were arguing with each other over something. Somehow, we ended up with one of the Spanish sailors (apparently an officer or something) on our ship, and somehow he ended up hanging by a rope from our ship. We didn’t want the Spanish ship to see this, of course, so we dropped him into the water. At this point, we realized the Spanish Navy was going to be pretty pissed off, and we sped off (apparently USS San Antonio is a damn fast ship in my dream), leaving the Spanish ship in our wake, shaking their fists at us and threatening something along the lines of, “We’ll get you sooner or later!” Anyway, we were speeding off into the middle of the ocean and we didn’t have very much fuel, so we were pretty sure we’d get caught sooner or later, without their helpful reminder, but we were hoping we’d be found by the US Navy.

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New Toys

I bought a new camera from Dell to replace the one that stopped working while I was in Japan. After these coupon codes and taxes, it only cost $150. Which is pretty awesome.

Speaking of awesome, I feel like a genius today. I completed the USA Today crossword puzzle AND the five star Sudoku without help or cheating. The crossword puzzle only took me 20 minutes, and the Sudoku took probably 30-40 minutes total. Hard to say because I looked at it a couple times.

Not awesome, I went in to work today even though I was supposed to have it off. Which ruined my four day weekend. Now it’s only 3.5. I’ll probably just show up half a day late on Tuesday. Speaking of Tuesday, I’m going to see Cake that day, with two roommates and a friend. But no KrisDi, she’ll be going out of town for work that day. Which sucks. Speaking of her, she’s coming home today, which is cool.

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Just as I was falling asleep last night, I dreamt I was in KrisDi’s old apartment with all of her stuff moved out, standing around with someone. I don’t know who it was. But anyway, we were talking, and then the whole building began to shake, and then it began to topple over sideway. I said something along the lines of “That’s not very good,” and looked around wondering where the safest place in the apartment was. Then I woke up, very nervous, thinking my house was falling over.

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Last night, I had a dream I wasn’t in. This happens to me every so often. It’s kind of like watching a movie in my sleep, only it makes no sense and sometimes I wake up screaming.

Marlon Wayan and his wife (whether it was really supposed to be him and his wife or not, I have no idea) were riding along in a truck with their newborn kid. Marlon was on the passenger side, and the wife was on the driver’s side, but the steering wheel was on the passenger side, so maybe they were in Europe. Anyway, Mrs. Wayan was feeding her newborn, which would have been normal enough if she hadn’t been doing it with an oscilloscope test lead. Marlon started yelling at her for doing it wrong, and took the baby and the test lead (the pickup had no trouble going on without anyone steering) and proceeded to do something (the specifics of which I cannot recall) which resulted in milk actually coming out of the test lead and feeding the baby.

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Last year’s Halloween pics. You know, the Smurfs. You might remember them from somewhere. Comment on this if you want to make a request. Or email me or call me, since if you’re here, you probably know how to contact me.

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