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Fuck you, Apple

I have absolutely no hope that any Apple representative will actually see this, so consider it venting.

iTunes is a piece of shit. I’d rather use software developed by the proverbial infinite monkeys with an infinite number of IDEs.

All of Apple’s mechanisms of managing devices are fucking horrible.

The only reason people think the iPhone and other iGarbage is easy to use is because all of the options are equally shitty. If you’re marginally familiar with one (such as iShit), the others are clearly incomprehensible. If you’re familiar with Android, then iSmegma is horrifying.

I got this new computer, fumbled around in Apple’s poorly designed website to find their iTunes installer because (pathetically) there is no other way to manage an iPhone. Installed, and then spent untold hours trying to get it to actually recognize my phone and sync with it.

I don’t want it to create giant backups of my phone every time I want to sync music, but I don’t have a way to tell it not to do that. The best I can do is sync wirelessly. But that requires iTunes to magically recognize when my phone is on the same network. Which it rarely does. And if the “manage your expensive-ass shitphone” button doesn’t show up magically in the GUI, you’re SOL. You can’t tell it “Hey, my phone’s right here, motherfucker, why don’t you look for it?” You can drink and cry and despondently restart shit and hope vainly that something will change.

But it won’t.

Because Apple sucks.

Every time I have to use iTunes, I want to throw my iPhone in the trash. I want to mail photocopies of my middle fingers to Apple headquarters. I want all of the iTunes’ development team members’ moms to call them and tell them they should be ashamed of themselves.

Beyond that, of course, is Apple’s (and other tech companies’ [yeah I’m fucking looking at you, Adobe]) love of discussion boards instead of support systems. Sure, they’re cheap. But when I’m already frustrated with my phone and local management options, do I really need JeveStobs6969 to tell me to restart my computer without actually reading my question? Or link me to some Russian website that will automatically fix it for me? Or a forty-seven step process that may or may not have worked for someone one time with a different problem in a different situation that isn’t even valid for my version of iTunes? And even if it did, it amounts to superstition because they don’t have a fucking clue what it means to disable UDP on your local network or how that might affect iTunes or iPhone — it’s just something that they did while flailing around with their own problems?

And god forbid you want to let Apple know there’s a problem that they should fix. Our ol’ buddy JeveStobs6969 will still tell you to restart your computer. You might as well scream into the void. You have a better chance of teaching your intestinal system to produce smartphones instead of feces (although you’d probably get better results that way).

Fuck you, Apple.

Oh hey! Check it out! In the time it took me to write this (coinciding with attempts seven through thirteen), I was able to get my new album on my phone! Not wirelessly, of course. I had to use a cable and back up my phone twice to do it.

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April 2020 Part II

Click here or on the photo above for more photos…

Coronavirus shut-in continued. Kids got better at doing schoolwork at home, in terms of how to do things they need to do. But definitely not in terms of focusing on them and getting them done. I still bet they’re better than the majority of kids out there, but they annoy the living fuck out of me. Not much changed.

We had a stretch of nice weather. We were able to actually use our fire pit once or twice, and toast some marshmallows and cook some li’l smokies.

We participated in the Washington Camp In — park rangers got together with a bunch of volunteers including musical guests and hosted a streaming event with sing-a-longs and dancing and stories and all sorts of whatnot. The kids set up a tent in the family room and we all slept down there. I joined them late, because I Zoomed with the Pope and the Phoenix and drank while shooting the breeze with them. It’s funny — the ability to video chat with both of them at once is no new capability, but for some reason it never occurred to us to have a digital get together before we were all isolated.

The kids also enjoyed the nice weather by getting out their scooter, plasma car, and bicycles. There’s a slight slope on a cul de sac down the street from us, which they dubbed the “big hill”, and we started letting them go down there unattended as long as they promised to stay away from other humans. It gave us a much appreciated break from them (and vice versa I’m sure). Chilkoot asked me to take the training wheels off his bicycle. He of course wasn’t very successful on his first day, but we encouraged him and he made some progress. A while later, while I was still “at work”, KrisDi was out with him and he started making it short distances without a parent’s hand on his bike. If he kept practicing, he’d be doing great, but he really likes sitting on the couch with his iPad, so he hasn’t made much progress. He keeps freaking out and twisting around to check and see if Mom’s or Dad’s hand is on his seat keeping him safe, which of course causes him to crash.

Work on the Playfort continued: The drawbridge now has ropes for lifting and lowering attached to a dowel (this doesn’t work as well as I would like because to bring it up from the inside you have to walk all the way to the back of the fort and maybe pull a little more; to put it down from inside, you have to sort of hold the rope and let it slide through your hand until the handle gets to you; from outside, to close it, the handle hits the floor and then you have to feed the rope in through the holes manually). The trap door got a neat little pocket handle that goes flush when not in use and a rope ladder that nobody can successfully climb (Chilkat almost made it once). KrisDi (with a tiny bit of help from the kids) painted the panels between the studs on the inside with colors specified by the kids.

Miss K is now Mrs. K. She was supposed to get married in Hawaii, and we were supposed to be there (on our way home from Guam), but obviously that didn’t happen. They decided to have the wedding in a park out here (social distancing to some extent, with masks and everything), and someone opened a Zoom meeting so we (and another friend) could “attend”. It was cute. Wish we could have been there for real. If we had known ahead of time, we might have been able to sit in our car near the park or something. Anyway, we had fun taking wedding photos “with” the bride.

Random stuff:

  • KrisDi weeded, tilled, and planted some stuff in our garden. Hopefully we’ll have some tomatoes and peppers and arugula in a few months.
  • As mentioned in a previous post, KrisDi dyed the kids’ hair purple (Chilkat, Chilkoot).
  • A robin, now named Skylar, built a nest in the bush right outside our window. We can see her in it sometimes, if we approach the window slowly and don’t scare her.
  • Movie night — kids made us snacks and tickets and we watched a movie in our room.
  • Chilkoot signed up for some online ukulele lessons, which was going fine. Since then, he’s mostly lost interest.
  • Chilkoot continued dressing as his sister, or “mini Chilkat” or something.
  • I don’t know what the story behind this crazy hat is.
  • I finished a bottle of something…not a single recognizable character on there. I thought it was sake, and drank it like it was about 20% abv, but I think it was shochu, because it hit me like it was about 40%.
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This morning, Chilkat came downstairs a little earlier than normal during the last week or so of coronavirus isolation. She told me a nightmare woke her up. Here’s what I got from her description of her nightmare:

Our house had a flat roof instead of the peaked roof that it has in reality. Instead of a back yard, the world ended behind our house. The Playfort was in the front yard instead of the back, and it also had a flat roof. The front yard had a landscaping wall similar to the one in Nana and Papa’s back yard. A big storm was rolling in (we did actually have a short period of real-life lightning and thunder a couple days ago).

For some reason, she jumped up on top of the Playfort, and from there she jumped up onto the roof of the house — but she was scared she was going to go over the house and over the edge of the world and she woke up.

Edit in the afternoon…

Chilkoot later told me (independently to the best of my knowledge) about his own recurring nightmare that he has whenever he’s sick: It’s like a gray screen with just screaming. It makes me feel kind of scared.

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