Rant: spam

I’ve just deleted another 25 spam comments (about an average for the day, along with about another 45 per day in my email account). Many of them were the third, eighth, or seventy-fifth that the same ignorant yahoos have sent before. All of them include some inane comment, like “Wow! Nice site!”, that I suppose is intended to flatter me such that I’ll post their idiotic links to everything from hair-regrowth lotion to lesbian sex to sure stock bets to penis-enlargement products (none of which, thank you, I am remotely interested in).

Now, aside from the surface idiocy of thinking that anyone with enough brains to blink without aid would show any interest in a) a message that contains paragraphs of random text to get it past spam blockers, b) idiotic attempts at generic flattery, c) snake-oil products that haven’t even reached the eighteenth century in terms of sophistication, and/or d) any of the above with attachments, WHY do these jackasses keep sending the same things over and over and over and over and over again?!?!? Do they really think that attempt #787 is any more likely to be successful than attempt #1?

The really scary thing is that if these creepy strings of swamp slime live in the U.S., we let them vote. And drive cars. And walk through children’s playgrounds.

Now, y’all VOTE ON TUESDAY!! It’s the only way to minimize the damage done by stupid people.

Holy cow. It just occurred to me: It’s my birthday. I’m 54! That alone should qualify me as spam-exempt.

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Think of it from a statistical point of view: While it is extremely improbable that you will untintentionally follow a link or open an attachment, it becomes more and more likely the more often you have the opportunity.

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