Spinning? You must be joking!

pretty colors

Ran across this piece of upholstery fabric, one of many similar ones that make me drool. What I love about these (geometrics aside) is the way the thin, shiny threads of bright red, yellow, green, blue and gold reflect with and play off the fuzzy cafe au lait browny background to make your eye think it’s seeing really complex, amazing colors, when it’s really just blending regular old threads in your head. (I’ve adjusted the colors, light, contrast, and sharpening to emphasize the individual threads and how the colors play off one another; it’s not nearly this bright under regular light.)

Mentioned this to one of my knitting groups—is there any way to get this kind of color effect using yarns and knitting? My guess is probably not, but my knowledge is pretty narrow, and a lot of these people are very definitely serious experts. If anybody should know, I figgered, it’s they.

So what do they say to me?!? “So, you’re not satisfied with anything that’s out there?” (Well, I have to admit to this—hardly anything stock ever meets what I see in my mind’s eye. Never has.) “You want more complex colors? Well, have we got the answer for you: Dye the roving (photo) yourself! Spin your own yarn!”

(Pause for me to shriek and scream: no, No, NO, NO NONONO!!! I am NOT going to take up another hobby that requires more equipment, more space, more fibery things, no, I’m notNOTNOTNOTNOTNOT!!!!)

As it turns out, I wouldn’t have to purchase seven hundred thousand dollars’ worth of new equipment for which I have no space. I could start using a drop spindle, like Mahatma Ghandi. Even a handy how-to or two.

I’m afraid. I’m very afraid. I could be succumbing to the evil impulses even as I type and prepare to take a cake over to Grandma to remind her it’s my birthday. 😀

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YajB (Woolley MomMyth)

Come over to the Dark Side, young YarnSpinner.
It’s time…

What about mosaic knitting patterns, or simple fair isle?
If worked in a fine gauge, you should be able to achieve the interplay you crave.

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