Asian glass, lion hunts, and expensive dogs

Really cool dreams this week; I think I’ve correlated the terrific ones to days I accidentally skip brain pills. The dreams are so entertaining it’s almost worth it. 🙂 These are just the high points. They were a lot longer and more complicated than this.

Dream One: I was at a conference of some kind involving peace activists and speakers, in Singapore, I think, and lots of stuff was going on but the most interesting was the hotel. I was on the 11th floor and in an elevator going up when it turned into a flying cubic transport thing; not a bus, because it still had its elevator shape. It took me swooping along streets and over parks and residential areas. One park contained a lot of scrawny old wrinklies who were attempting to use resistance cords, like bungee cords, for exercise. Two of them had wrapped the cords around their necks and were trying to stop choking themselves.

Then I was in a store looking at things on shelves. One of them was a sort of chalice shape made of very thin, cranberry-red glass with a matte surface. Inside it were tiny red glass teacups and even tinier little plates; I wondered what they could be for and decided it must be sushi. The workmanship was amazing and I was afraid to pick it up because it was so delicate.

Also, I found a fountain pen in this store that was shaped like the body of an F-15, sans wings. The pointy bit of the plane was the nib, and it curved way over and down, almost like a claw or the Concord nose. This was kind of a mauve color (not my thing!) with airbrushed designs; very sleek and clean looking. You unscrewed it to get to the inside, and at the front was a smallish brass (gold? probably not, for the $10 price) tube with a little flip top that might have held a cartridge, but that gave me the impression that you dropped ink into it and the flip top sealed it like a cartridge. Cool system; I bet it would work.

Behind the cylindrical part (there was an amazing amount of room inside it) were tiny, tiny, about a centimeter diameter and two millimeters high little fluted candles. One was labeled “one,” another “two,” and one “after dinner.” I puzzled over this until I thought perhaps they were for neutralizing the stench from one and two cigarettes, and obviously for after dinner use. But I couldn’t find anyone to tell me what they were.

Dream Two: Last night. Long involved process as to how it got there, but there was a lion lying with a critter carcass at the entrance to a long dirt driveway leading to the house I was in. (Not mine, and for once the emphasis wasn’t on the house!) Someone was giving everyone in the house lion lessons, so if we went out we wouldn’t be eaten, but we weren’t supposed to go out. Of course, I did, and went down to look at the lion. A small guardhouse was in the middle of the road between the lion and the house, and I sneaked up behind it and peered around. The lion saw me, stretched lazily, got up and sauntered my way. I sidled around the other side, and as it peeked around to see me, I peeked around the other edge to see its tail. We kept sidling around the walls like this and I was wondering how I was going to get out of there alive, ’til I remembered that the anti-lion teacher had said, “Square your shoulders, walk tall and confidently, as if you own the world, and the lion won’t bother you.” So when I got back to behind the guardhouse, I did as told and strode off unhurriedly toward the house. The lion just sat there and watched me.

Later, some other woman did the same thing, but she got into the guardhouse and the lion poked his head inside. She started to shriek, high-pitched sounds like a dying rabbit (Chris!), and the guardhouse expanded and the lion came inside. The closer he got, the more walls appeared and the more she retreated behind and the higher and louder became her shrieking. The lion thought this sounded like lunch and kept coming. I think he eventually ate her, but don’t remember for sure.

Dream Three: I found Blue comatose on the couch in a house not mine, tiny and dark, no lights anywhere, with houses on either side that were equally tiny, dark and squalid, and peopled by humanoid creatures at whom West Virginia hillbillies would look askance. I took her immediately to the vet, who didn’t look much more competent than the hillbillies, and she made a hole in Blue’s back, put in a tube (sort of like for abscess drainage), and told me I’d have to feed in a couple of milliliters of a milky antibiotic she handed me about every hour for two weeks. Of course, Blue didn’t think too much of this idea and within about six hours I’d given up and squirted the whole supply down her throat. The tube had fallen out, too. And the rest of the dream was taken up with hand-wringing and worry about the vet’s $10,000 bill and how I’d ever get that paid off!

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