Well, I’ve finished the sweatshirt/hoodie thing for Jaidyn. I thought I was fairly clever, intending to make the pockets into the shape of two cats mooshed together. I couldn’t very well use just one cat, because that would mean sticking your hand in one side of the pocket would be sticking it in the cat’s butt, and a that would be just way too much gross-out factor for a little kid.

So here’s how it turned out.


I know, the cats don’t look a lot like cats. They look more like pigs, or guinea pigs, or something. Knitting turned out to be really difficult to embroider on, so that didn’t work too well, but by that time I was too far along to change my approach (and hand damage dictated proceeding rather than backing up). But the tail came out OK. Good intentions had just better count. I made the cuffs extra long so she can grow and it will still fit OK. If she ever wears it. One will hope that Jaidyn’s not terribly critical, and that Jen will overlook the flaws. If not, well… what can I say? I’m not very experienced. And my hand hurts.

I’ll knit better in ten years. If I don’t die first. Or have my hands amputated. Sigh.

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I would like to stick my hand in a cat’s but. Not preverted like or anything, good conversational piece for work.

I think it’s really wonderful, and I agree about wanting to have a cat’s rear end as the pocket on one side.
Well done!!

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