Don’t laugh!

Yes, I know I’ve spent most of my life grousing about people who put silly coats and costumes and things on their dogs. The dogs do, after all, have plenty of fur. However, with Blue and I about to trek to the Black Hills, and no opportunity for her to grow a nice, thick coat, she’ll be at a distinct disadvantage. So I (swallowing crow in large, distasteful proportions) knit her one. It went much faster with large needles that didn’t hurt my hands as much. There’s a flap in front that goes between her forelegs and tucks inside the chest part to keep her chest nice and warm.

It looks a little baggy, but this dog is remarkably resistant to having her photo taken, so she was not at all cooperative. As opposed to the initial fittings, which she definitely enjoyed. She was not, despite the look on her face, beaten with rocks, or even sticks.

I know, I know, she’s so spoiled it’s just pitiful. Utterly pitiful.


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haha… I have a pit bull mix who just doesn’t have much hair. She spends the winter in boys’ small size sweatshirts from Wally World. I warm it for her every morning on the floor furnace before putting it on and take it off every night to encourage her to snuggle with me under the covers in our very cold bedroom. In the summer she will snuggle for about 20 seconds before moving to the foot of the bed. In the winter, she sleeps crammed up against me all night. At least one side of me is warm.


She has such delicate feeties! Shouldn’t you be crocheting tiny booties?

Mogo the Mugger

What an omission. You SHOULD have beaten that dog with rocks and sticks.

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