Brief freedom

Finally, finally, all the construction people are GONE and they shouldn’t be coming back, unless I invite them. The three-day Baseboard Project wound up at, of course, six days, although the price didn’t go up. Baseboard Dude was a very nice man and did beautiful work, but three weeks of having somebody bomb in every morning has tattered what shreds of sanity I held clutched in my trembling fingers.

So today I tacked up the final corner on the closet and got the last coat of mud on (I will not do any more of that, I won’t), took down the shelves in my office (the books are now piled all over my couch, so there’s no place to sit but my chair or the floor), and filled screw holes. I wasn’t intending to paint, but there were so many holes to fill and big blue splotches where the plumb line went and bits of paint that pulled off with various sets of shelves that I’m thinking I might as well.

Once somebody gets the final two top screws in the shelf standards (which friend Dave said he could do on his way past tomorrow), I can put the shelves up. Although I should. . . well, never mind. I have to get texture on the closet bits and get that primed and painted first. Then the shelves. And then I have to paint the file cabinet and bring Grandma’s over and paint it. Which means I should probably measure and buy shelving on the way to Grandma’s, or back, this even.

It’s been raining like mad for three solid days. I moved my bed over to the southeast corner of the room, and discovered that I can lie there and look up at rain falling down, which is kind of interesting since you see the drops coming down at you instead of down in front of you. Blue has a free window to look out of in the living room, so she’s happi. . . er. I wish I could spin a quarter on a brick, turn around three times, and have it all finished and put away. Gads. And I wish the damned bunnies or whatever would stop eating my crocuses and daffodils. I’d like to see at least one bloom out of them!!

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And you and the fellow from Minot now live in one of the smallest big towns in America. There’s a certain ironic and poetic quality to that.

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