Casting a wide net

Holy sluggards, Batperson! Can’t believe I’ve not posted for nearly a month. Well, yes I can, too. Been a busy period.

Northwood was here for a week and did all kinds of things to earn Good Son honors—cleaning out the gutters, power-washing the roof and scrubbing moss off it (moss! I’ve tried to keep an eye out for it and didn’t know it was there!), power-washing the driveway upstairs and the stairs and front deck, hauling all kinds of junk to the trash and Goodwill stuff to the garage, fixing things, putting out dirt to fill up the south part of the yard, all kinds of stuff. I know it makes for a boring week for him, but I appreciate it so much! I did feed him some good food (including a turkey and his traditional Akroteri‘s chicken caesar) and we went up to Mt. Baker and played in the snow.

KrisDi and Snaotheus came up the first weekend (he earned Good Son points, too, fixing computer and electrical thingies) and we were going to go to Canada to play, but when we got to the border the line was backed up more than half a mile before the crossing. That’s at least a three- or four-hour wait; not worth it. Instead, we found a one-block street fair in Blaine. I tried to get them all to take advantage of having a designated driver along (me), but I couldn’t get them to get drunk. Darn. Would’ve been funny.

The next weekend, I had to go to DC, so Northwood and I drove down to stay at S&K’s Thursday night. Friday a.m. was the first day of a major closure on I-5, so S&K found a surface-road route for us to take to the airport. Unfortunately, it involved a closed road… eventually, we figured out an alternate and got there, only about half an hour later than planned. The security line filled up the entire security area and stretched clear back to the end of the building… but went faster than I anticipated, so I got through that in about half an hour. Out at the terminal, no sooner had I sat down than the United people announced that they were likely going to cancel the flight. Great chaos and tribulation ensued, which I will spare you; eventually, they fixed the problem (a toilet!!) and the flight took off an hour or two late.

Of course, it got into DC late, too, which meant the guy who was there to pick me up had to wait an extra hour or so. Although he met me with a sign with my name on it. Since that’s never happened before, I felt very important. 🙂 Then leaving the airport, we of course got the parking / processing machine that was broken, so there went another 45 minutes. And hot! AWFUL! 104 deg with at least 99% humidity, and I didn’t have my inhaler with me. Nasty place.

The show was fun, though, and I got a quill cutter (mine is not ivory!), something I’ve wanted since before Son #1 was born. Since I figured TSA would take it away from me if I tried to board the plane with it (it had a 1.5″ blade), I asked a friend to mail it to me, so I don’t have it yet. The neatest thing about DC was getting to meet a bunch of people I’ve “known” via pen listservs for more than 10 years. That was great.

Since then, I’ve been putzing along trying to finish cleaning things up and putting things away. It’s never-ending, I’m sure. Great-grandma’s pie safe started out in what I think was supposed to be the dining room, where it was singularly unuseful; so I moved it up to what’s supposed to be the breakfast nook, where it wouldn’t fit conveniently anywhere I could use it with any sort of convenience; so yesterday I pulled it (still on its towel, to make it easier to use) back into the kitchen and propped it up against the end of the counter by the living room. I still don’t know if it’s going to work there, so the towel is still under it. We’ll see.

I spent several hours scrubbing the old recliner, too, with my little carpet spot cleaner. It seems to have broken, so although the chair seems to be clean, I can’t rinse the shampooey stuff off it. That’s annoying.

Northwood seems to have put the Fear of Wrath into the nasty invader Eastern gray squirrels. One keeps trying to get to the bird feeder every afternoon, but every time I clap my hands or make a “SSSSSSSSSS” noise, he scrambles like mad to get away. I went outside with the blowgun and he took off like a rocket.

Grandma’s still having a terrible time. I think she’s still trying not to take some of her painkillers, which is kind of defeating the purpose. I’m not having much luck trying to find alternative things, either. This really sucks.

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