The new friend


That didn’t take long! I took glossy 8x10s of the three candidate cats over to Grandma this afternoon. She fretted over which one to take—oh, that one’s so sweet . . . and that one’s so sweet . . . and that one’s so sweet . . . which one should I pick? Oh, oh, oh!

Above is the final choice (and yes, that’s a dreadfully slap-dash Photoshop job; I was in a big hurry and only had a couple of minutes to do it), presently named Pepita, which is about as appropriate as naming a panther Fluffy. NewCat is half Maine Coon, and a good-sized, sturdy girl. She looks a bit like FatCat (at least, she’s a dark tabby; they all tend to look pretty similar) but without the bleached orange nose. But she’s big-boned and has that magnificent Maine Coon fur and plumy tail, ruff around her neck and furry feet.

She was an extremely sweet cat when I met her yesterday and I’m sure Grandma will fall in love with her immediately. I dropped the paperwork off this afternoon and they’ll get her into town later this week. I’ll need to borrow Mogo’s pickup to get my scratching post over there.

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She is indeed a sweet cat. It seems like all the trauma of being bounced around from location to location is pretty insignificant compared to getting petted regularly by a group of adoring house apes. When I met her yesterday she clearly had her priorities straight: get lots of attention and when there’s no attention to be had, find a high perch in case something that looks like food passes beneath. And (like SuperGrover) she’s cute too!

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