I’m watching “Transformers” and laughing madly, though I don’t think I’m laughing in the places the director intended the audience to laugh. This is hilarious. First off (pay ATTENTION, film world!!!), THERE IS NO NOISE IN SPACE!!! You cannot have a sound wave without an atmosphere!! Get a clue!!

Then there’s the whole conservation of mass law problem, with these relatively little cars and things turning into enormous, skyscraper-sized robot thingies. And it’s frankly a major hoot after all this ridiculous stuff goes on and this serious, grave voice says, “My name . . . is Optimus Prime.” As if it were delivering an address of critical import. A couple of minutes later, it’s saying, “My bad” and wondering what lubricants the dog has deposited on its pseudopods. What a wheeze!

I’m developing a fondness for the little spidery-looking, wiggly silver guy. I don’t recall these things being nearly this much fun when you boys had them (and they were a lot less animated). I’m waiting to see if this thing shows up in the movie.

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