Late adopters

For years, I’ve avoided getting an MP3 player. What on earth for? I said. I’m at home most of the time; have a radio and CD player in the car; don’t have any need for one; why spend money on a useless gadget?

Well, I ran across a 2GB player the other day for $40. What the hey, I thought. I can put workout music on it and not have to blow out the speakers in my spiffy new system. If I don’t like it, I can take it back.

So I bought it, brought it home, charged it up and loaded some tunes on it. Used it for its first workout today and I have only one word to say:


This thing is great. Not too loud, not too soft, no fuzz from bouncing off walls and ceilings and going through doors, and it drowns out the squeaks of the exercise machine. I’m convinced. 🙂 Wheeee!

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