Purposeful pain and intelligent wounding

Someone once described surgery as a crude technique, nothing more than intelligent wounding.

My physical therapy sessions haven’t reached that point, but they have turned into what I’m trying to think of as purposeful pain.

They started Graston techniques on me today. This uses steel bars and pointy things, scraped across and pounded into various parts of your anatomy. In me, that included subscapular spots, very distal deltoid spots (the pointy bit at the bottom, and underneath the muscle) and pec minor work in addition to the others they’ve been working on. All those are really, really deep.

The outfit’s Web site says the technique causes “mild discomfort.” What it causes is screaming, yowling, jaw-clenching pain. (I didn’t scream, though. My therapist’s assistant said when she demonstrated it on him he screamed like a little girl.)

It didn’t help that they brought in every therapist in the place to see how tight my shoulder, back, chest and arms are. Evidently I’m setting a record.

Now I have to find some ice. Yeowitch.

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