No exaggeration!


In case you think I was exaggerating yesterday, here’s a photo of my arm, palm facing forward so it’s rotated outward just a bit. This is where she was digging around under the deltoid. I’m not even going to look at the less socially acceptable areas, let alone try to shoot them.

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Kind of, but imagine the conversations you could start…starting with the tattoo guy.

Maybe I should try that. At least I could choose prettier colors. Although today, there are a lot more greens and yellows. It would be kind of sick to have a permanent bruise tattooed on, though, wouldn’t it?

You know, when I pay people to inflict pain upon me, I end up with a nifty, new tattoo. This doesn’t look nearly as fun, though I must admit it is more colorful than my last pain-for-hire venture.

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