It’s all a lie!

Whatever Snaotheus says about what I did to his car today, it’s a lie, totally and completely a lie. What actually happened was that I had an opportunity to whack the bejaysus out of the back side of his car and I took it. I knocked him and KrisDi halfway through next week and across the parking lot, without even trying, and his car looks like a tyrannosaur gnawed it for breakfast. Best thing was, the sun was setting so I could blame it all on low-level sun in my eyes. So if he tells you I just bumped his bumper (which is what it’s made for!) and left a couple of scratches that will disappear the next time he washes it, don’t believe him!

I was down there to do the final walk-through before they close on their house. Couldn’t help but compare this house to the first one Dad and I bought—this one’s about three times as big and much more luxurious. Our second house wasn’t anywhere near this schmancy, although it was much better after we got through remodeling and adding on to it. The third one was, but we had that custom-built in North Dakota for less than half what we’d’ve had to spend in California. Or Seattle, for that matter.

The landscaping in the back and front looks really good, as long as the fill was thoroughly compacted behind the retaining walls. It’ll be a little difficult to landscape, but will also offer them several areas where they can experiment once they get into it. It’s a beautiful house, and they should be very proud and ferociously excited!

Wasn’t any fun driving down and back. My shoulder was fine when I got in the car, but started to hurt in less than an hour and was pretty awful by the time I got home. Shoulders down. Shoulderblades back. Stretch the pecs. Concentrate, concentrate.

Bah. Cultivate good posture now, while you can.

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I never believe anything Snaotheus tells me unless there is documented evidence. Preferably in triplicate.

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