Majorly unacceptable

It snowed last Friday, all day yesterday, and again this a.m. more than an inch of snow covered everything. This sets an all-time record for late snows, and it is completely unacceptable. Fortunately for the weather, it turned sunny eventually today; otherwise, Weather would have been in serious trouble with yours truly. Hmpf.

My new favorite animal is sand bubble crabs. They are the coolest things ever. They’re about a half-inch across, live in these tiny little burrows, and come out at low tide to clean yummies off each sand grain. When they’re done (or progressing), the beach is covered with tiny spherical sand bubbles. Awesome little creatures.

Rob came over yesterday to clean out my garage. He has some boxes he needs to put somewhere temporarily, so he said he’d clean up the garage if he could put them here. I helped out with some of the two-person things today and, while it’s far from wonderful, it’s much more acceptable and I think even with his extra boxes in (presuming that Snaotheus and KrisDi come to pick up the bookshelf and clock fairly soon, and I can get the Salvation Army to pick up more shelves full of stuff), I should be able to get the car back inside. It’ll sure be nice to do that with summer coming, since the car gets miserably hot shut up in the driveway.

The only problem is that all that dust and flying mold spores messed up my chest. It’s settling down a bit, but I’m thinking it might be a good idea to invest in one of those horrible gas-mask-looking respirators. Until they can clone organs reliably, a person still only has one set of lungs.

Grandma continues to go downhill mentally. Her memory is a little worse almost every week. Bless her heart, one of the down sides to being pretty sharp as an old person is that you know it when you’re going downhill. It frustrates her terribly, and I sympathize, but there’s nothing anyone can do. I try to reassure her that nobody minds and everybody understands, but it doesn’t make her feel any better.

I’m about to need a mailing address for Girlandi since the zombie sweater is almost finished, an absurdly cute hat is finished, and another absurdly cute and extremely practical hat is about half done. One nice thing about baby stuff is that it doesn’t take great wodges of time.

I’ll get photos later when the second hat is finished. It may go to a local baby rather than LaRyantrelle.

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