The zombie hoodie for LaRyantrelle and two disturbingly cute hats are ready to hit the mail. Despite using the zomboodie to learn a new technique, which gave me a few fits, it didn’t turn out too bad and I think will at least make Baby frown, if not cry. So herewith:

Disturbingly cute hat number one (pattern from Knitty):


Disturbingly cute hat number two (pattern also from Knitty):

I love the way the color pooled on these two, making huge, freeform chevron shapes all over the hat. That changed when I switched to the scarf portion, but I still like it. More pink than I’d like, but there’s plenty of orange, green, yellow and blue to balance it out (except that the flower shows best with the pink facing forward). And . . .

drum roll

trumpet fanfare

red carpet roll-out . . .

The zomboodie! The eyes are a metallic red yarn that sparkles, making the zombie eyes look a little fiery. I expect it will be too big for poor LaRyantrelle for a while yet, but one thing with babies—they grow. 🙂

Nobody should tell Girlandi these photos are up. The zomboodie and hats should be a surprise when they get there.

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