Good news, bad news

Best news: Snaotheus FINALLY asked KrisDi to marry him. Now I will have an actual, official DIL rather than a PFDIL and a VDIL.

Good news: One squirrel down, one to go, and potentially two more to go.

Bad news: MICE have again invaded my house, damn them! They ate all the poison I had out so I put out more and stuffed a dishwasher hole with steel wool. Next time Snaotheus is up, I’ll have to get him to help me stuff holes I can’t find. It’s weird they’d come in this time of year.

Bad news: The Asian grocery was out of the oolong tea I usually buy, so I bought the Chinese-only box the owner claimed was oolong. It is not. It is some kind of bastardized green tea. He probably figured the stupid round-eyes wouldn’t know the difference. I have yet to taste it.

Good news: My physical therapist was amazed at the improvement this a.m., before she started beating me with steel bars again. I was unaware it was possible to squeeze your shoulders this far back. Now I must get more ice.

Bad news: The exercise machine she recommended I replace mine with when it dies costs $4,000. Yeah, right.

Bad news: I filled up my tiny little 12-gal gas tank this a.m. with 11.5 gallons of distilled petroleum product. It cost damn near $50.

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It sucks a vacuum, doesn’t it? When I was a kid, we could cruise Main Street all night on 50 cents’ worth of gas. Geez.

Welcome to the club. It costs 125 bucks to fill my van.

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