More bad in a good way

Grandma and I had been talking Saturday about the kazoo marching band I’ve joined, so when I went to her place for dinner last night, I took a couple of kazoos with me. Her table was next to last for serving this week, so we had plenty of time to visit. After a while, she picked up a kazoo and said, “What’s this?”

“It’s a kazoo.”

“What do you do with it?”

“You hum into it and it makes musical sounds. Well, sort-of-musical sounds.”

She put the diaphragm part up to her mouth and tried to blow. “No!” I said. “If you get that wet, it won’t work anymore.” She put the end in her mouth and started making noises.

“You sound like a calf in distress,” said one of the tablemates. Grandma kept blowing. I think she was doing what she thought was a tune, but it wasn’t anything I could recognize. I picked up the other kazoo and, when she stopped, started humming out, “You Are My Sunshine.”

The tablemates laughed with delight and started singing along, at the top of their lungs. Grandma joined in on the kazoo and wasn’t doing too badly, so I switched to harmony (although she changed keys about every three bars). The table next to Grandma’s started clapping along and pretty soon the entire front half of the dining room was involved. Grandma didn’t seem to realize anybody else was paying attention (or how much noise we were making) until she quit. Then she looked around and said, “Oh, dear.”

I’m sure she’ll have forgotten how to play it by this morning, and will wreck the waxed-paper bit that makes it work. But I left both kazoos with her. Just in case. 🙂

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I still love bubble pipes. Somewhere, I have a battery-powered one that produces clouds of bubbles. It’s fantastic. But I can’t find it. I probably put it in An Obvious Place when I did the big house project last summer. An Obvious Place is right next to A Safe Place, which means I’ll never see it again.

Oh dear. A bubble pipe? I used to love those things.

I thought you’d like that. 🙂 Tomorrow I’m taking over a bubble pipe.


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