Seesaws and averages

Good thing: I discovered that in this climate, wheat kernels pop up fluffier and faster than they do in North Dakota. Which means you can eat more of them. Yummm.

Bad thing: One of the Pratchett books I ordered went to some unknown party, while U.P.’s Piers Anthony book came to me.

Really ghastly, horrible, disgusting bad thing: When I opened the desk drawer (in the rolltop) to get out the packing tape to pack up the above for returning, I discovered :gags and hacks: that a mouse had moved in, made a big fluffy paper-towel nest, and turned one corner into a privy. YUCK YUCK YUCK.

Neutral thing, I hope: The book package is now sealed with duct tape. It also has lots and lots of stamps on it. I hope the postie doesn’t throw a fit.

Good thing: I discovered that a flea comb is fantastic for stripping dead hair out of the dog. And it keeps it in highly compressed little packages, so it doesn’t fluff all over the place and make me sneeze and itch. And build huge fur bunnies.
Good thing: I am going to have a Social Event on Friday evening! Balloons all ’round!

Good but surprising thing: Letter from Snaotheus’s and KrisDi’s little priest saying I’m expected to be a witness at the blessed event. Wheee! Ceremonial fountain pen time!

So how does that average out? Probably a reasonably good day, except for the crapwad mouse. Yuck.

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I say you come out ahead, with the witness thing being a “gooder” than the mouse was bad

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