I hate politics and I hate political reporters worse

Time for the quadrennial (?) tirade against political reporters. Nobody anywhere on earth gives a rat’s fart about what they think or about the political minutiae they shove down our throats each election season. And personally, I find it insulting and pissifying that after every speech or debate, at least as much time is taken up by the talking heads as was spent on said speech / debate, telling us what the participants actually said.

Thank you very much, but I’m perfectly capable of analyzing what they said for myself, and I couldn’t care one rat’s hair’s fart about the idiotic things you people keep hammering on. The “line of the debate” that commentators kept mentioning after tonight’s mis-named presidential debate (which I saw with several friends, all of whom hissed and booed and cheered in a most gratifying manner) was something utterly unrelated to any issue or substantive comment. Oh, puh-leeze. All of you just get lives, for *#(@’s sake!

Mentally scoring the “debate” as I would an actual contest, I gotta say Obama kicked that senile, snide, petty, angry, arrogant, obnoxious old man out of the corral. He stayed on and kept bringing said SSPAAOOM back to the issues, he didn’t stoop to personal attacks, and he consistently made his points eloquently and well. Unfortunately, that may not be a good thing among the ignorant redneck half of the country. Oh, pardon me! Is my bias showing?!?

And it’s time for the next iteration of the other election-period tirade: Taxes are what we pay to make life better for all of us. They give us, in addition to the traditional roads and bridges, law enforcement, fire departments and emergency services, social services (though not much, after 30-odd years of conservative rule), educational programs, etc. etc. A civilized country pays its damn taxes so that all its citizens—not just the wealthy and privileged—have a safety net when their lives fall apart and are treated with dignity and respect. We in America are so freaking selfish that we can’t as a society think beyond our own self-centered desires, which focus far too much on buying Things we don’t need while our neighbors go hungry. Not one of us, I believe, would deny care or food to an actual individual in need; but for some reason, when we vote, we consistently kick these individuals (who may one day be us) in the teeth because collectively they’re an amorphous Other. It’s shameful.

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ROFL! I love it. Let Death, Pestilence, Famine and War kick back in the bar (what’s the name of that bar?)–they don’t need to do anything, they can just let the GOP do it!

She’s … indescribable. But so is that whole batch; I get so bogged down trying to come up with appropriate descriptions that I’m completely tongue-tied.

I believe the sign I saw last election said “Why change horsemen mid-Apocalypse” 😀
Palin drives me bonkers. It’s like she’s a little purse dog that McCain brought out to try and appease the fashion police or something.

Ha! HA! Little yappy dog. If that’s not a dead-on assessment of Palin, I don’t know what is.

Oh, absolutely. I’ve so enjoyed the last eight years, with the entire government spilling over with liars and crooks and demagogues, and the demolition of our entire economy. Don’t wanna change horses midstream, you know! %-0

So…it’s safe to say you’ll be supporting McCain and his little yappy dog in this election? *giggles and runs away to hide*

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