Unwelcome, unwelcome

This bloody white stuff has outstayed its welcome.

The shop picked me up yesterday to go get my car, which now has a new battery and alternator, and on the way home I had the devil of a time getting started from two stops. The city sold its snowplows a couple years ago, and even the main streets have largely not been either plowed or sanded. The majority of people out had 4WDs and big-ass pickups, and not only barreled along as if immune to the laws of physics, but also bullied us lesser beings out of their way. Their high vehicles might not have any problem with 18″ of snow, but those of us with lower-slung cars, whom they were pushing into said snow, don’t fall into that category. Jerkwads.

Coming around the corner onto my street, which hasn’t seen plowing or anything in the last couple of snows and has about 10″-12″ on it over the ice, I lost momentum in slowing down so’s not to hit somebody’s dog romping around, and I got stuck. Really stuck. Stuck to the tune of three guys, me, two bags of cat litter, a pot of garden dirt, two snow shovels, a lot of swearing, and an entire hour to get me out. Two of those guys had been out most of the day helping people get in and out of here.

I’m going to go outside and build a snowperson, put a sign on it saying “Snow voodoo doll,” stick a few knitting needles in it and see if anyone else joins in. We’re all heartily sick of this crap, and more is supposed to roll in tonight, tomorrow, Christmas day, and over the weekend. I’m really worried I won’t be able to get down to Ryan’s to pick up my work ‘puter before I have to start work again.

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