Month: January 2009

Redeeming the day

One of those where every little thing goes awry (although most of the bigger ones went okay), including Ms. Dog leaping against orders into the front seat after her run in the dog park, thereby smearing gooey wet mud all over my car seat and causing me to have to run the rest of my errands with muddy, wet pants, yucko. So to redeem the day, a shot of my new 10-year journal (yes, 10 years!), the cover for which I finally finished putting together:


I really like this, not least because I put in a screened-back line for the day’s book and/or movie. I put Plexiglas “boards” in the cover, so it’s stiff enough to write on easily. Clever me! :sprains elbow patting self on back:

The other thing is my first pair of socks. They don’t fit as tightly as I’d like, but they do fit. I’ll probably give them to Grandma, who has more normal-shaped feet than I. Socks are kinda fun because they go really fast, but I gotta admit it’s hard to fit the marvellously engineered foot with all those juxtaposed curves and angles.

I used self-striping yarn for this, so I was kinda surprised that it ended up with blobby bits. It’s really an adventure to watch how the stripes and color-bits grow and form. Next I will probably do a faux Hanes sock.

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Wups! Back to the ice!

On my knee, that is, not under my caboose. It was doing pretty well until this afternoon, when a husky and a huge golden retriever decided at the end of a 50-yard acceleration to low-tackle me . . . on the damaged knee. :shrugs: Oh, well, I’m sure I didn’t want to do anything but sit around all weekend anyway. . . right?

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I can’t stop smiling

I can’t remember the last time I felt so happy to see the back of someone! I both cheered and booed as the shrub boarded his plane outta DC, and I’m sure I wasn’t alone. Hallelujah! Good riddance! And thank goodness it happened without troops!

The only thing I wish is that he and his cronies had been arrested and hauled off to The Hague on their way out. I suppose there’s still hope.

What a wonderful day. What a huge commission for President Obama (yippeee! Wahooo! It’s even fun to write that!). May he have the phenomenal wisdom and strength he’s going to need to try to lead us out of 30 years of savaging.

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Immobile a-gain

Gotta re-think my supposedly karmically beneficial contributions to the wildlife, I guess. Went out yesterday morning to put out their daily sunseeds. One second I was walking across the deck; a nanosecond later, I was lying on my ass with sunseeds scattered all around me. Turned out the deck was slathered with a thick layer of completely invisible ice. Crawled back in the house and swore like a sailor. So I’m stiff-leggin’ it around and icin’ like crazy. Annoying as… well, really seriously majorly massively annoying.

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Dai-sy, Dai-sy

I got to try out my new exercise bike this afternoon (finally, after passing the sore-throat-and-fever stage) and it is awesome. Got a really tough workout with no pain whatsoever—perhaps this is a concept that will catch on.

Current state of affairs has me trying to train Ms. Dog to lick a substitute rather than her foot. She presently has a long orange puppy-substitute rubber-banded to her collar. Nursing dog mother pheromones on it and an occasional rub with dog food are supposed to make it more attractive. We’ll see how it works. Once she actually seems to be licking the thing without encouragement, I’ll probably start taking off the cone collar.

It didn’t rain today!!!

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Warning to sensitive individuals

Children and sensitive individuals may not wish to view this extremely graphic image, which portrays some (we think more than one, at least) maimed and deceased Botts’ dots who lost their lives as well as various bits and pieces during recent severe winter storms. Said storms prevented our acquiring any images sooner, and we apologize for the delay in providing this vital information to our readers.


May the Botts’ dots rest peacefully and their families endure, secure in the knowledge that their loved ones gave their lives for a worthy cause. Maybe. Donations to the families may be made through this publication.

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Dr. Zoidberg revisited

Here’s what happens when a person gets snowed in for way too long. It’s longer than it looks; the critter inside it is too short, but I didn’t have anything else to hold it up and couldn’t wear it because (ahem) I require Coke bottle bottoms to see. The hat goes all the way down your neck. Very, very silly.

Apparently, I also need to add that he’s the lobster from the “Futurama” cartoons. Not just a figment of my demented imagination.

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No doubts about ‘Doubt’

This is a great movie; I’d give it four and a half of five stars, no sweat. Well worth seeing. Excellent characterizations, excellent acting (as if you’ll ever get anything less with Meryl Streep), wonderful cinematography, strong pacing, strong editing. Only problem was that the sound cut out in a pivotal scene, so my friend and I have freebies to go see it again (or another one if we’d rather). The movie is obviously adapted from a stage play, which I think gives it more power than a regular screenplay (at least, a great deal more than many, many movies I’ve seen recently—and don’t forget I’ve done very little but watch movies in the last three wretched weeks! You’ll leave still wondering whether it’s true, and what you think says more, I suspect, about you than about the movie.

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