Warning to sensitive individuals

Children and sensitive individuals may not wish to view this extremely graphic image, which portrays some (we think more than one, at least) maimed and deceased Botts’ dots who lost their lives as well as various bits and pieces during recent severe winter storms. Said storms prevented our acquiring any images sooner, and we apologize for the delay in providing this vital information to our readers.


May the Botts’ dots rest peacefully and their families endure, secure in the knowledge that their loved ones gave their lives for a worthy cause. Maybe. Donations to the families may be made through this publication.

Posted by wordsmith


I’m so sorry. I hope it doesn’t cause lasting ill effects for the unborn. You were warned, though. No one really understands the brutality of snowplows.

I don’t know if I shall ever recover from the horror of that picture. I’m off to sob into my cup of cocoa. (with extra marshmallows for comfort)

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