Dai-sy, Dai-sy

I got to try out my new exercise bike this afternoon (finally, after passing the sore-throat-and-fever stage) and it is awesome. Got a really tough workout with no pain whatsoever—perhaps this is a concept that will catch on.

Current state of affairs has me trying to train Ms. Dog to lick a substitute rather than her foot. She presently has a long orange puppy-substitute rubber-banded to her collar. Nursing dog mother pheromones on it and an occasional rub with dog food are supposed to make it more attractive. We’ll see how it works. Once she actually seems to be licking the thing without encouragement, I’ll probably start taking off the cone collar.

It didn’t rain today!!!

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It is WAY cool. Very quiet, very smooth transitions, pedaling is really smooth even at the highest resistance levels, but still requires a lot of effort. Makes me wonder how I ever managed with the poor old clunker that I now need to get Snaotheus to carry upstairs. 🙂

That looks like an awesome bike. Glad it seems to be working well.

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