I can’t stop smiling

I can’t remember the last time I felt so happy to see the back of someone! I both cheered and booed as the shrub boarded his plane outta DC, and I’m sure I wasn’t alone. Hallelujah! Good riddance! And thank goodness it happened without troops!

The only thing I wish is that he and his cronies had been arrested and hauled off to The Hague on their way out. I suppose there’s still hope.

What a wonderful day. What a huge commission for President Obama (yippeee! Wahooo! It’s even fun to write that!). May he have the phenomenal wisdom and strength he’s going to need to try to lead us out of 30 years of savaging.

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:giggles: So nice to have a clean lawn, eh?

Sorry, I just have to make one trimming of the winter bush joke. Not even, really. Just mention that it popped into my head. Now the nation can be ready for action again. 😉

Whoohoo. No more shrubberies.

Agreed, agreed, AGREED! 😀

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