Depressed, downcast and disgruntled

Edited to add forgotten trauma

To paraphrase the old song. . . what a demonstration of Northrup Luck. I went to Snaotheus’s and KrisDi’s yesterday, largely to hang with them (which turned out to be a good thing) and partly to go see the Lucy exhibit at the science museum before she goes back to Ethiopia or someplace.

So you have your basic high-stress, two-hour drive (roughly $10 in gas) to S&K’s, a half-hour drive to get to the science center (roughly $4), and a $6 parking fee for two hours before we even get to the front door. Not to mention Snaotheus having to park ve-wy care-fuwwy in a space made for one and a half Vespas.

We get to the door, where an unconscionably long line has formed. C’mon, it’s mid-afternoon on a Saturday and it’s not raining! Can’t these people find anything better to do with their time?

Pretty soon, some minion of evil pops out the front door and says we should go away, because Lucy is sold out until 5.30. Which, incidentally, is precisely 12 minutes before our parking expires. Sold out? It’s a freaking exhibit! How can an exhibit be sold out? You have people walking through; they don’t stop to build a fire and camp out for a week!

After a bunch of rather pointless, dispirited and inconclusive discussion, we opted to go have a beer at the Revolution bar, a half-mile hike away. We got there, thanks to all that fitness effort we’ve all been putting in, but. . . the bar was closed. Closed. On a Saturday afternoon. What is wrong with these people?!?

Another hike back to the car, about three-quarters of a mile this time since we took a short cut that, true to Northrup Luck requirements, turned out to be twice as long as the way we’d come. We decided to dump the $6 in parking, go back to Renton, and have a blinkin’ beer at the Whistle Stop before eating dinner at Naan ‘n’ Curry (yummmmmm).

Traffic was pretty bad and did its best to thwart Snaotheus’s efforts to get off at the right place, but once at street level, we scooted over a railroad track three nanoseconds before the gates came down and the bells started clanging. “Yay!” I said. “There went my good luck for the day—it got us across the railroad tracks!”

“We wasted all that time, money and effort for that crappy little piece of luck?” snapped Snaotheus.

But the beer was good. And there was no TV in the bar. :stands up and cheers: And the Indian food, spectacular. I got a second entree to bring home for lunch today. And dinner tonight.


I was going to pay for it, since I ordered extra food, but Snaotheus embarrassed us all by throwing me to the floor with a loud war cry and wrestling the bill out of my hands. But I forgave him because they bought me a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs (now in season!!).

On the way home, I realized my crappy little piece of luck had been ill spent when I missed the exit to I-5 to go north toward home. A recent accident had blocked it off—complete with fire truck, ambulance, and all the accoutrements—so I had a lovely, fairly lengthy scenic drive through (very very dark) Lynnwood and Edmonds before I was able to find (read: stumbled blindly across) a sign saying “I-5: This way.”

Still, I got to spend the day with them and it was lots of fun. As they say, priceless. Unlike Lucy and parking, and even beer, and certainly the freeway.

The other day I was cold and couldn’t find a hat, so I donned the Dr. Zoidberg hat. Had to fold the bottom end inside so the eye-holes would be closed up and keep my noggin warm, which of course resulted in a completely ridiculous appearance:


So there’s your laugh for the day. I need a nap.

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I’m still ticked about Lucy. I really wanted to see her. But at least I got to see The Kids. Sorry your in-laws had to suffer Northrup Luck, too.

It sounds like the day we took my in-laws to see the Egypt exhibit in Chicago, only about 10x worse.

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