Electronic morbidity

Considering that Snaotheus probably checks this more often than he does his email, I shall explicate the current (ha ha) electrifying electronic eccentricities here.

My monitor, which is around eight or 10 years old, is showing some disconcerting signs of dys-health. When I turn on the system, it won’t come on. It says it’s on, but it isn’t. I have to turn all of it off, give it a few minutes, then turn on the computer and, while it’s booting, the monitor. Otherwise, it continues to claim it’s on when it’s not. Black, black, black, which is even worse than the Blue Screen of Death.

I am assuming this means that some switchy thing or circuity thing is about to bite the dust, go toes up, shuffle off its mortal (OK, wire) coil. Therefore, even though tomorrow is Snaotheus’s birthday and I intend to visit to pay my respects, I may need to hit an electronics store to pick up a new monitor so I don’t have any downtime when it finally gives up the ghost. Not that I can afford it, but then, I can’t afford not to work, either, can I?

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