Being of light strikes again

In other news, I finished the top I’ve been working on. I’m pretty pleased with it. I had to frog it several times, but wound up with exactly what I wanted, drape and fit-wise. Gives me some confidence. 🙂 I get a kick out of the flash turning me into a creature of light. Energy! Heat! Illumination!

So, we had Grandma’s annual “care conference” this week, during which she, the charge nurse and I go over what she can/can’t do and what kind of help she does/doesn’t need. Since she’d been caught having sneaked a walker into her apartment so she could “practice walking” (read: find ways to fall), we were blunt with her. Somehow, she got the idea that the RN is looking for an opportunity to send her to a nursing home. I have NO idea how she gets this stuff. What was said is that we did not want her to have to go to a nursing home, but if she didn’t stop trying this idiotic crap she was going to fall, damage herself, have to have surgery, and then go to a nursing home, where she probably would not gain the strength to come back to OPAL. The nursing home would be the result of her own actions, not anything Denise or I would do. But no, she’s convinced we want to send her to a nursing home and that Denise has the power to do it. Lordy.

It drives me insane that I’ve told her the same things for years, but she’s refused to pay any attention, preferring to believe that she has no limitations if she doesn’t believe they exist. The stuff we told her is crap that’s for her own good, to try to keep her safe. Now she’s decided that Denise and I are in league “against” her. For wanting her to do things that benefit her. Like just waiting until an aide gets there to wheel her places, so she doesn’t cause herself more pain by dragging herself around. You’d think someone who’s lived 92 years would have learned how to wait, or at least not to be so self-centered, but no-o-o-o-o… the world has to revolve around what SHE wants, when SHE wants it. She’s always ignored me and done what she damn well pleases. Now that she’s convinced we’re out to get her, maybe she’ll do what she’s supposed to do. Geez, that woman is more stubborn than a rock. If I ever get like that, shoot me. I mean it.

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