Claws and Coraline

My friend Patti and I went to see “Coraline” yesterday. The visuals were enchanting and we were disappointed that we didn’t have a 3D option (evidently, our theater doesn’t have that capability, or so they claim, which you’d think should be addressed at once). Van Gogh would have loved seeing his “Starry Night” wheeling around in mad 3D color and lots of other things would have been wonderful to see in 3D (the garden, f’rinstance). Knowing already about the costumes, I found them fascinating. And I’m a fan of Neil Gaiman, for the most part. Tim Burton, not so much, although this was at least not the same old story in different words and pictures.

Even though it was charming and I’d love to see it a few more times to get the details I missed, the story itself seemed to lack something. It might be that they couldn’t quite decide whether their audience was children or adults; or whether they wanted to do it straight or sly. Quite a few visual jokes and references to well-known things (cf Van Gogh above) that were entertaining, but didn’t fit the mood of the story. If Gaiman’s good at anything, it’s mood, so I’d be interested to find out who ran the screenwriting. Worth seeing, especially if you can wangle 3D, but not for small children.

Having been a woefully neglectful dog mommy the last few weeks, I finally sat down on the floor (ugh) to cut BluDog’s toenails this afternoon. That’s always a horrific ordeal, so I tend to procrastinate even though I know that’s a bad thing. I discovered two things, though: When she has the cone collar on and can’t see what I’m doing, she’s a little less apprehensive (a little); and if I sand the claws (with sandpaper), that doesn’t seem to bother her at all. I’ll have to see if I can try the Dremel tool. And maybe put a paper bag over her head. Hee.

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I did, too, and would love to see it in 3D. I wonder if the DVD will be 3D-able?

I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt that way about Coraline. I liked it quite a lot, but I didn’t really understand the rave reviews my friend gave it. Of course, she saw it in 3-D and I had to be content with 2-D. It was very pretty.

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