I’ve got blisters on me eyeballs!

To paraphrase John Lennon. I finished up the little manuscript for the gent with the excitable brain today. It was a tough project, given that he just wrote things down as they occurred to him, but I had forgotten how much pleasure I get from wrestling words into order. Maybe not beauty, in this case, since it’s a seminar-type presentation, but order. It’s fun, like solving a puzzle.

Grandma’s been on her new meds for a couple of days and, while she hasn’t asked for Percoset since they plopped the patch on her, she seems to me to be pretty out of it. She’s really lethargic and when you talk to her, she’s pretty spaced out. She doesn’t seem to follow you even as well as she usually does, and kind of stares off into the air.

On the one hand, it’s good not to need so much Percoset and maybe to have less pain (though I don’t know, since when I ask she has to think about it… say what?); on the other, not engaging with life isn’t good. Normally, she reads a lot, enjoys quite a few of the activities they have, and likes to visit with people down in the dining room, and she seems too groggy to do that.

Often, a person will perk up after a few days when her body starts to get used to the new substance. OTOH, she’s 92, and she isn’t going to be metabolizing it as well as a 40-year-old. So I guess it’s another wait-and-see kinda deal.

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She seems to be doing a little better today, so we’re continuing to wait and see. Personally, I’d love to try one (but would rather not have the owies that have to precede that!).

Personally I’ve always been a little afraid of patch drugs. I know the theory behind them is sound, and they’re supposed to prevent the start and go effect that can happen with pills, but they still seem strange.

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