I get weak (cf “luck” below)

Today, I was supposed to go in for crown prep. While I loathe and detest having to do so, I was looking forward to being able to chew a little again.

However, it seems that my dentist has come down with “flu-like symptoms,” which he got from his Nephew the Disease Vector, so my appointment has been postponed ’til Friday.

I hope if he gives me swine flu that a) I won’t come down with it before the wedding and b) if I do, I won’t spread it all over the place, and c) I don’t have to miss the wedding after all this preparation!

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I can’t answer that, either. I guess if you have a huge fluffy dress, it could be a problem!

Here’s a question for you all. How did you, ah, visit the restroom while in your wedding dress? We’re in a wedding this September, and the bride-to-be asked me this question. I didn’t have a good answer for her. My dress wasn’t foofy enough to be much bother, and I didn’t have much chance to drink all that much, so it was a moot point for me either way.

Absolutely. 😀 I’ll add to the drama, and suggest that if I’m on my deathbed, they should postpone the wedding!

Don’t get sick! If you can’t come to the wedding then I shall have no reason to attend! I’ve already seen Wilmy and Mom Wilmy once this year, and Snaotheus and KrisDi will be too busy to notice I’m there. 😉 *giggles* Is that properly dramatic and silly?

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