Month: August 2009

Let’s hear it for physics!

:echoes: Hoooooraaaaaaaayyyy, physics!

I am also quite pleased that I managed to reason out what I needed to do to my trusty Dremel tool to make it work. Considering I haven’t changed the thingie on it in a couple of years and the collet was missing, I was fairly impressed with myself. 😀

In other news, my mole at the office got fired today. This means I have no inside scoop on what’s going on and when to expect sh!t to land, hot, steaming, and concussing huge waves of stench, upon my unsuspecting head. Aside from the misery in his own life, this is reasonably disastrous in mine. Ick.

I got a six-pack of Deschutes Inversion IPA yesterday. It’s disappointingly boring. 🙁

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As I told Grandma, I’m feeling very smug and self-satisfied today.

I needed something to hold cones of yarn while I work with them, because they can get knocked over and kicked about, and they fall off the couch and the yarns get all tangled up. So I designed something in my head that would hold six cones, provide a way to thread the individual yarns through one spot, and be carry-around-able. Later, I learned that such a thing was made, thusly (scroll down a bit and notice the price), and it looks almost perzackly the way the one in my head looked.

A few scraps from the closet, a couple of power tools, and some screws pulled out of the screws-and-nails drawer later, and here’s what we had (the sixth dowel was drying; the dowel was split and I had to glue it together. Hey, I said it was scrap) :


And, after spending 30 cents for eyescrews of a reasonable size (I had two, but the openings were only about a quarter inch and I didn’t want to try to thread little yarns through that), we had this baby:


So there. Cool tool, cheap as a box of (pretty) rocks, a few hours of entertainment, and a little affirmation of one’s ingenuity to boot, all for 30 cents. Can hardly beat that! 🙂

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“Julie & Julia”

Went to see this with a friend today and I highly recommend it. Very funny, heartwarming, and will make you so hungry you rush home to make a beurre blanc, or maybe just to the nearest patisserie.

Reviewers have complained about the intertwining of the two stories—one of Julia Child, the other of a young woman who blogged about going through Child’s entire cookbook in a year. I think the two stories enrich one another, and the director did the transitions from one to the other with great smoothness, I thought, considering the obstacles.

The food shots had the entire audience groaning with food lust.

Meryl Streep is always amazing, but she really nailed Child, who was a tall, gawky, odd woman with a peculiar voice and relentlessly perky manner on camera. Well worth watching—I’d be happy to watch it again, two or three more times!

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Triskaidekaphobe’s bane

Stone’s 13th Anniversary. That’ll knock the pins out from under ’em!

Whilst slogging through 22 oz. of that stuff, I had to address The Lycra Problem. I came into a kilo of cobweb-sized Lycra (r) for use with memory-free fibers, such as the llama/silk blend I’m working with at present. Since, when they stretch out of shape, they have no memory to help them return to their original shape, carrying the cobwebby Lycra along with the main yarn is said—said—to alleviate the problem and keep the resulting garment from sagging to the wearer’s knees.

Since a kilo-sized chunk of cobwebs is a tish difficult to handle, I decided I’d wind off a more manageable amount onto my ball-winder, then slide it onto the spring-loaded bit of a TP holder, and knit off that. All went well until I tried to off-load the wound-up product onto the holder.

I first had to wrench it off; sliding was not an option. Despite my careful, gentle tensioning, this stuff had grabbed on like a sticky-toed lemur to its very most favoritest tree. I shoved, jerked and mangled it until it popped off. . . but instead of popping onto the holder, as intended, it glommed onto my finger and started to sproing around.

Not to be dismayed, I picked up a pencil and stuck it through what appeared to be the center, then sharpened the pencil down to a length that would fit in the TP frame, thusly:


So far, it’s working reasonably well. We shall see. At this point, though, I think a little Famega Vinho Verde, which I discovered by accident the other day and is described as light, citrusy and perfect for summer. At first taste, I’d have to agree. 🙂

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After the dog PT, watering and coddling the garden, and wiping off the sweat, I am having for dinner a huge salad of
Kale (2 kinds)
Swiss chard
Beet greens
Snow peas
Sugar-snap peas
Boiled egg
Cheddar cheese, and both last and least (in quantity),

Of all of that, only the last four did not come from my tiny garden that other people laugh at. And there were also leeks that I cleaned but forgot to cut up.

I’m feeling quite smug. 🙂 Although I would not recommend eating raw kale in large quantities this time of year. Evidently, the heat makes it bitter. Good thing the other greens are with it.

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