“Julie & Julia”

Went to see this with a friend today and I highly recommend it. Very funny, heartwarming, and will make you so hungry you rush home to make a beurre blanc, or maybe just to the nearest patisserie.

Reviewers have complained about the intertwining of the two stories—one of Julia Child, the other of a young woman who blogged about going through Child’s entire cookbook in a year. I think the two stories enrich one another, and the director did the transitions from one to the other with great smoothness, I thought, considering the obstacles.

The food shots had the entire audience groaning with food lust.

Meryl Streep is always amazing, but she really nailed Child, who was a tall, gawky, odd woman with a peculiar voice and relentlessly perky manner on camera. Well worth watching—I’d be happy to watch it again, two or three more times!

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It made me want to run to the grocery store and buy butter, rush home, melt it, and eat it. With appropriate other ingredients, of course. I’m still thinking about boning a duck. And not crowding the ‘shrooms. 😉

I’m glad to hear you liked it, because I wasn’t sure I was looking forward to going when Jen and Kathleen went. 🙂 I’ll make sure to dine appropriately beforehand.

Just make sure you’ve eaten something really yummy before you go, like bruschetta with roasted vegetables…

Oh! Oh! I so want to see this movie! I heard the book was great, and the previews look delightful. I’m glad you liked it!

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