As I told Grandma, I’m feeling very smug and self-satisfied today.

I needed something to hold cones of yarn while I work with them, because they can get knocked over and kicked about, and they fall off the couch and the yarns get all tangled up. So I designed something in my head that would hold six cones, provide a way to thread the individual yarns through one spot, and be carry-around-able. Later, I learned that such a thing was made, thusly (scroll down a bit and notice the price), and it looks almost perzackly the way the one in my head looked.

A few scraps from the closet, a couple of power tools, and some screws pulled out of the screws-and-nails drawer later, and here’s what we had (the sixth dowel was drying; the dowel was split and I had to glue it together. Hey, I said it was scrap) :


And, after spending 30 cents for eyescrews of a reasonable size (I had two, but the openings were only about a quarter inch and I didn’t want to try to thread little yarns through that), we had this baby:


So there. Cool tool, cheap as a box of (pretty) rocks, a few hours of entertainment, and a little affirmation of one’s ingenuity to boot, all for 30 cents. Can hardly beat that! 🙂

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I thought so. And if I didn’t already have enough yarn to sink a submarine, I could use the saved money to buy more yarn!

Very nice…and a great way to save $104.70. 🙂

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