Let’s hear it for physics!

:echoes: Hoooooraaaaaaaayyyy, physics!


I am also quite pleased that I managed to reason out what I needed to do to my trusty Dremel tool to make it work. Considering I haven’t changed the thingie on it in a couple of years and the collet was missing, I was fairly impressed with myself. 😀

In other news, my mole at the office got fired today. This means I have no inside scoop on what’s going on and when to expect sh!t to land, hot, steaming, and concussing huge waves of stench, upon my unsuspecting head. Aside from the misery in his own life, this is reasonably disastrous in mine. Ick.

I got a six-pack of Deschutes Inversion IPA yesterday. It’s disappointingly boring. 🙁

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mmmm beer, mmmmm truffles *gaaawwwwwww*

LOL–maybe so, although they did trade the beer-I-didn’t-like for some chocolate and caramel truffles they brought up. (Danger, Will Robinson, danger!)

Legge and I also express disbelief, but we love the thought of trying it. 🙂 No beer raises odd questions, but it isn’t like they went home empty handed seeing as how yours went home with them. Perhaps they’re just feeling cheap? I know I like mooched beer better than beer I’ve purchased.

You wouldn’t think so, would you? Still, you have to admit it’s awesome! 😀

The beer went home with Snaotheus yesterday. We went to their usual Beer Haunt, Haggen’s, but… get this… THEY DIDN’T BUY ANY BEER. I came home with two bottles and a six-pack, but their cart was empty! What’s THAT all about?!?

sorry about the beer. I don’t think that waterslide is quite possible without someone dieing.

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