Month: October 2009

Free-range microwaves

I’ve been expecting my nuker, which is actually Grandma’s recycled nuker and probably 15 years old, to die at any moment. It hasn’t quite done that, but evidently an exploding squash caused the little screen at the side to burn and fragment. I’m not sure what that screen is for; if it frees the nuker waves to range without constraint about my kitchen, I may wind up with a cooked elbow.

So the question is: Do I replace it with another small, cheap nuker, or do I do what I’ve wanted to for a long time, buy a built-in to go over the stove, and have it installed? Doing the former will of necessity mean I have to wait until the new cheap nuker dies before I can do the latter; on the other hand, it will cost probably a tenth of what the latter would cost.

It’s a dilemma.

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Just for clarity, “clown barf” refers to the color mixes when a chewed-up clown is regurgitated, not when he himself barfs. There’s a difference. 🙂

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Peeking out from under the rock

After two full weeks of computer disasters, last week (though I hesitate to admit it and knock ferociously on wood) went reasonably smoothly. It took a full Friday afternoon and then some to replace all the Word preferences, but at least they got replaced. I found a thing that’s supposed to back them up so you don’t have to do this over and over again every time you have a crash, but of course, that option doesn’t seem to be available to my system. No wonder I loathe M$.

I found a local computer tech who loathes them, too, and his boss is my age and loathes them even more. He’s been very helpful. In fact, he has obtained Honorary Son status, so I will have to take him a cupcake for his birthday. That should give Snaotheus great relief, in that it’s possible I may not be calling him quite so frequently with Computer Emergencies. Or I may. Don’t want him to get too comfortable.

Grandma’s finally gotten her new teeth close enough to comfortable that she can eat. She seems to be keeping them in most of the time, now. For two weeks I’ve been trying to get her to throw out a sheet from some church-published book that contains pictures of people whom she can’t remember. For some reason, she seems to think it’s critical that she not only keep it, but that it float around on her desk, even though she has no clue who any of the photos are. Of. Whatever. Poor dear.

Fall proceeds apace. The leaves have gone from tinges of red and yellow through brilliant cerise and butter and are now turning shades of brown before they flutter down. They carpet the trail at the park, which of course makes the trail slipperier when it’s wet, which means I must tread more carefully. So far, I’ve stayed vertical. It’s a joy to watch Ms. Dog on these walks; she runs like a . . . like a running thing, bounding through the trees, racing along fallen tree trunks, leaping up and down from boulders. Every 90 seconds or so she races back to me, hammering up behind me or barreling down from in front, and joy is in every muscle she owns. Not to mention her smile. Once she’s discovered I’m still there, she’s off again.

Several quadrangle maps from my hometown are glued together and waiting for me to extract the relevant bits and glue them together, as part of my busy work to avoid actually working on a novel while doing things I can claim are critical to the writing. These are one of the coolest things around, showing topographical (and in some cases satellite photos) from all over the country. You can download them at the U.S. Geological Survey site. The difficulty is that I had to print out nine of them to cover my home turf, so they are all over the floor because they are Big.

Hmm. I read Unseen Academicals and am starting it over again because I think I missed many of the jokes the first time around. I’ve finished the clown-barf blanket for LaRyantrelle and LaPalpinatrelle and hope to get the edging on today. Wowie. This is really boring. Well, welcome to my life. Boring. . . but very peaceful, except when everything goes wrong.

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New teeth!

Grandma was really excited to get her new teeth. But then she decided she doesn’t like them. Here she is, showing them off:


I know, it’s a wretched shot, but it was the best I got. Evidently, the bottom teeth hurt, so she’s going back to get them sanded down tomorrow. Poor dear.

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This is no longer funny.

I have ground my teeth to nubs. I have pulled out my hair such that I am balder than a rock, since rocks can grow moss and lichens. My voice is worn to a raspy whisper.
Somebody wave a magic wand and just Make. These. Stupid. Computers. Work. I have had it.

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How the Momster lost her mind

Come and listen, o best beloved (and please, pronounce that correctly, with a fully articulated last syllable), to the tale of the loss of the Momster’s sanity. She was traveling along the jungle, traversing the serpentine banks of the great grey-green greasy Limpopo River, when. . .

Oh, wait, that’s “How the Elephant Got Its Trunk.” Wrong story, sorry.

No, this one involves the previous post, tangentially, anyway, in which the CSS on my blog broke. It’s still broke. And so is my :ahem: new :ahem: computer, whose drive the loyal and brave Snaotheus installed, what, about six months ago. It is also broke, in a way that made Snaotheus exclaim in incredulous frustration, “This thing is broke in a way in which I’ve never seen a hard drive break, Mom.”

Sigh. The story of my life. I never, ever have ordinary electronic problems. They are always and uniformly in some shape that no one in the entire known universe, or multiverse, or permutations thereof, has ever seen.

So, instead of spending his Sunday tripping gaily about town doing fun things, he is curled up on his carpet with a (cute new) set of tiny screwdrivers, two or three hard drives, and a new drive. And to make it worse, this “broke” issue is known to occur with this model of the Seagate drive, and evidently Seagate refuses to acknowledge that it exists. Bad, bad plan. It takes exactly one event like this to ruin a reputation. AFAIC, it’s ruint.

But that’s beside the point. My data, every single bit of it, is unrecoverable, unless I want to spend a few bills taking it to somebody who’ll put the guts in another thingie and transfer it. I think I backed up about a week ago (and definitely within two weeks ago), so I’m hoping I won’t have too many gaps. However, this means that we have to format the new HD (read: for-ev-er), and I’ll have to spend half the night installing software. And of course, there’s no guarantee that will go smoothly since I will have to do it, which puts everything at risk because of my Evil EM Field (EEMF)®.

That’s enough to make a person want to cut off her ear. Let alone lose her mind. Don’cha think? I do.

Please return to your regularly scheduled lives. Move along, move along, nothing to see here, folks.

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More peculiarness

Something seems to have broken the CSS (style sheet) that governs my blog layout. The right-hand column, with the log-in and archive links, etc., isn’t displaying in its proper spot at the top of the page. It’s way way down’t the bottom. I don’t think I could have done it, because you have to make a big effort to access the CSS code in wordpress, and I haven’t. Yet Snaotheus’s and other people’s wordpress blogs display fine. Does it look OK to you? Is it only broked on my new laptop?


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