Snarl, snap, gnash!

I cannot believe that this happened. I have worked with sharp pointy knives (X-acto types, to be precise) for more time than any of my children have been alive and only once actually damaged myself. Yet somehow, the bloody (no pun intended) damn thing embedded itself in the back of my index finger today, a good half-inch deep. Probably could’ve used a suture, but butterfly bandages were made for borderline things. Honestly, how do these things happen?!? :gnashes teeth:

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Ah, but you misremember, my sweet. That fell under the category of “looked really dramatic but wasn’t.” The drill jumped off the screw I was trying to unscrew and hit my finger. Splattered blood all over the place, but it didn’t even make a scar, so it can’t have been too bad, can it? 😉

More than once. I remember a drill going through your hand about 12 years ago. There are more bloody stump storys but I can’t think of them.

Nonsense to both of you. This sort of thing very rarely happens to me. Usually, when it does, it’s fairly spectacular (and this really isn’t—no ER visit, no stitches—, but once in 30-odd years really doesn’t count as a behavior pattern!

So that’s where Snaotheus gets it from.

I once cut off the tip of my finger planting tomatoes. Sometimes, the gods really are against you.

Another reason why, NO LATHE FOR YOU!

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