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KrisDi and Snaotheus lent me The Stupidest Angel to read, by Christopher Moore. This obnoxious young man has joined the ranks of exactly three (now) authors who can make me fall out of bed laughing. It was utterly delightful, and thoroughly, charmingly twisted. I’d put it on y’all’s lists, fersure.

I’ve seen a few movies lately. Worth watching:

The Maiden Heist, which lets Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken and Wm. H. Macy have a marvelous time horsing around. Very charming and funny movie.

Sherlock Holmes, although Robert Downey Jr. comes nowhere near matching my mental image of Holmes. Jeremy Irons would have come closer. But Downey has a sort of insanity about him that fit.

Avatar, which has an utterly predictable story line but is so incredibly, beautifully imagined that it doesn’t matter. Saw it in 3D (the first 3D movie I’ve ever seen), and I kept wanting them to stop the action so I could examine the environment. Wonderful way to spend a rainy, windy, nasty afternoon.

Worth skipping: the new Taking of Pelham 123. The original is much, much, much better. They changed the plot a bit and updated some things, but the major “improvement” is using the f-word as many times and in as many forms as possible. Infinitive, gerund, adjectivally, adverbially, and several other ways. Idiotic thing to do, since it adds not one single thing to characterization.

I hope you’ve all recovered from your hangovers by now. 🙂 Happy new year!

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The plot was completely, utterly predictable—the engineer was right. But the 3D environment was imaginative and quite beautiful, well worth the viewing on its own.

Of course, this came from an engineer, but he an I agree on a lot of stuff, so I’m guessing my view will also match his.

No Avatar yet. I only get so many nights off with Legge, so I may end up missing that one. I heard it’s great in 3-D, but the plot was weak.

Yeah, it was a lot more madcap and adventuresome than the stories. Holmes was a pretty serious character, not prone to laughter and wit. But it was still a lot of fun. 🙂 Have you seen Avatar yet? I’m interested to see what you think.

I just bought Lamb because I enjoyed it so much. I liked the Stupidest Angel as well.

As for Sherlock Holmes, I agree Downey didn’t fit my mental image, but I liked the way the characters were portrayed. It made me grin an awful lot.

“Enjoy” doesn’t even come close—I laughed so that multiple body parts ached for days. It was great and I can’t wait to read the other/s!

Safe home, you two!

Glad you enjoyed the book. We found our copy of Lamb so we’ll have to lend that to you next time we see you. I think you’ll get quite a kick out of that one as well.

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