The possibly fateful decision

Met with Grandma and her doctor today about her very, very sore shoulder (separated AC, possibly torn rotator cuff) and an infected owie on her leg. We decided to call in a hospice consult and not give Grandma antibiotics. This means she may kick the infection on her own… or she may not. If not, she will get sick and die.

She’s been angling for this for a long, long time, as you know (the dying part, not the infected owie part). And she was very much in agreement with not treating it. But still, it’s a difficult decision to make. If / when the infection moves into her bloodstream, she will die.

As I’ve said, I don’t want to lose my mommy. But in most of the ways that count, she hasn’t been my mommy for a long time. This is what she wants. I’m not going to do what one of my cousins did, and violate her wishes.

But still.

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:snuffle: Fanks.

Also big hugs and lots of love.

Oh no. Sorry. It was the same kind of thing we went through with my grandpa, so I know it’s not easy, but ultimately it is her decision.

Big hugs /

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