Macabre delight

We got Grandma actually admitted to the hospice program yesterday—lots of paperwork, which she didn’t have to mess with, thank goodness—and when she met the hospice nurse, she was so excited. It seemed a little weird, like, “Oh, I’m so happy to be in your program, somebody will finally let me die!” But she was thrilled and hugely relieved. I think she felt much better just knowing that hospice, not the nursing staff on site, is in charge of her care and they will be called first the next time there’s an emergency. Not the EMTs.

After seeing her response to the program admission, I feel a lot better about the whole thing, too. And of course. . . the infection on her leg is much better. . . sans treatment. 😉 That woman is tougher than tempered nails.

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dayum! Go grandma!

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