Hearing machine

:sniffle, sniffle, sneeze, hack, snort, sniffle, sniffle:

Grandma’s been complaining about her (relatively, as of November) new “hearing machine,” which is basically a little microphone, amp and earphone. “It’s not working! It’s not working! The batteries are dead!”

I brought it home last night to give it a more thorough going-over than I could there. Batteries are good, connections are good, microphone seems OK… but the earphone wasn’t working. :sigh: Who knows what she did to that? Dunked it in a cup of coffee? Played fetch with the cat?

Since it only sends signal in mono (WHY would the mfr do that?!?), I took a pair of spare earphones, checked ’em out, cut off the nonfunctional one, and took it back over this a.m. She’s thrilled. Again.

And she’s already forgotten that I was the engine for getting her into hospice. 😉 “Did you know they’ve put me in the hospice program, honey?” Um, yeah, I kinda had an inkling. ;D

:sniffle, sniffle, sneeze, hack, snort, sniffle, sniffle:

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