O, happy… holiday!

What a horrible, pathetic slacker I am! I forgot entirely it was The Most Important Holiday of the Year today! Even Grandma was doing better than I, what with her green earphone… and a green balloon. They had a party. I wasn’t even wearing green. How humiliating is that? Hmmm?

Well, at least I have a Guinness at home. Better than nothing.

Sheesh. I’m *so* humiliated. Chagrined. Disgraced. Shamed, just shamed.

Happy St. Patty’s Day to yous guys, anyway. 8-\

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I didn’t even have a Guinness. 🙁 I’m a bad, bad person.

Absolutely, you get Favorite DIL status! I’m so glad you like it. 😉

I hate to admit it… but when I had my Guinnesses (two! two!), they actually tasted and felt kind of watery. That’s what I get, I guess, for drinking all these chewy double-hopped etc. things lately!

What’s to hate about Guinness? We had corned beef and cabbage and snaotheus appropriately drank a Guinness. I also wore the wonderful green sweater that my wonderful mother-in-law made for me. (Do I get favorite daughter in law bonus points for that?)

I was studying. Had a black and tan though, man I hate guiness.

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