Behavioral analysis

Missy Dogge did something unprecedented yesterday: She jumped all over another dog back on the off-lead trail. The dog was a clumsy and inattentive puppy (or at least young dog, no more than a year) who kept lurching sideways and banging into its owner, who was attempting to jog, but not very successfully given that she kept getting knocked sideways by this large black klutz whacking repeatedly into her knees. I actually had to grab Herself and haul her away. Very strange.

So, let’s look at this logically, although logic doesn’t always apply to behavioral issues.

1. Ye Dogge has never exhibited any territorial feelings about that trail.

2. She has no issues with black dogs.

3. She has no issues with running dogs, or even black running dogs, or big dogs, or shaggy dogs, or any other kind of dog.

4. She has no issues with blonde women, joggers, or other people (with the exception of tall guys with beards and farmer hats).

5. She doesn’t care if people talk to me and vice versa on the back trails.

6. She does dislike puppies jumping all over her, and will snap at them; but this wasn’t a snap, this was a serious “knock it off or I’ll kick your ass” deal. And the dog was a good eight or ten feet away from her.

7. She does not tolerate dogs roughhousing and growling and play-fighting, and consistently runs between them to break it up and prevent any unauthorized fun. I’ve attributed this to herding behavior, an instinct to stop anything that looks like it might be harming a herd member.

Therefore, I’m suspicious that she may have thought the black dog was attacking the woman, and that she was defending the woman from the rambunctious and inordinately clumsy young dog. This is an interesting development, and I shall have to observe further.

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