Pant, pant, wheeze, wheeze

When heat hits here, all my anti-heat defenses percolate to the surface. Since it was 90-something yesterday and almost that today, that means

  • shutting all the windows and doors as early as possible in the a.m.
  • closing off the south-facing bathroom door (this keeps all the radiant heat in the bathroom rather than creeping through the rest of the house)
  • lowering curtains (where they exist) when the sun hits them
  • opening windows when their side of the house is out of the sun and they’ve cooled off a tish (this means the north window stays open all the time, and when the deck is cooler in the p.m. opening the east-side windows, and the rest of them when it’s cool on the west side)
  • opening all the windows when the sun has passed below my horizon
  • leaving all the windows and doors open all night (I love my screen doors, best $1000 I ever invested), and
  • running fans all night to bring in as much cool air as possible.

This works amazingly well. Usually, there are only a couple of hours in the eve., between about 6 and 8 p.m. Grandpa also taught me to take tepid, not hot or cool, showers when it’s hot because hot ones make you hotter, and cool ones cool off the surface of your skin and it takes your body a while to recoup and send heat out. In the meantime, you’re getting hotter on the inside.

So there! That’s my excitement for the last couple of days and probably through the weekend. And you must admire my dedication, since even so I worked out yesterday. At least, as much as my patellofemoral tendinitis would allow. I really hate this getting-old stuff. Every time you get close to a more-decent physical condition, some idiotic injury or something comes along and undoes it. A week sans exercise, and you’ve lost one he!! of a lot more conditioning than it’s fair to lose, and two he!!s of a lot more than you would have thirty years ago. Pah, feh and pfblthththttttt.

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