Photo update

Li’l Chilkat gets new hats

KrisDi requested some Cute hats for the upcoming grandbeebie. As per ye following: First, a carrot. . .


Second, an apple. . .


Third, a scallion.


And fourth, a stripedy one I made out of sock yarn.


Bid for award winner

I decided to take a page from Snaotheus’ book an’ go for the Goriest Family Pickchers of the Year designation. Forthwith, my feet, the wrapped pics as of today and the unwrapped shots from last night. I’m not unwrapping them just to take photos. It’s too hard to get the wraps back on!

Left foot:



Right foot:



Aren’cha glad yer not me?!?

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Wow mother. Thats crazy. Your feet that is. My niece/nephew will look awesome in all those hats.

I love the scallion hat. 🙂 Very fun. As to your feet. Ouch. I am quite impressed with the right one. It’s been a while since I’ve seen something that gruesome. No, you can’t push the clutch in with a stick. It slips off and the car dies at inopportune moments.

Yeah, the rhinoceros-bits are indentations from the Ace bandages. Plus some minor stretch marks (yes!) where the swelling has gone down quite a bit.

Not to worry, they’ll all go through the wash-and-sterilize routine before you get them. 🙂

I was so hoping to get down to see you this weekend. Guess not. Still can’t get up the stairs, and I’m sure I’d be a horror on the road if I drove. Can you put a clutch in with a stick?

The bottom hat, made with the sock yarn, accompanies a sock I’m making for li’l Chilkat. Who knows? You may be able to use it for a sleeping bag!

Yay for cute hats! Boo for painful looking foot 🙁

Pretty nasty looking, Ma. They look like a cross between human feet and rhinoceros feet (or whatever a rhinoceros has at the bottoms of its legs).

Hats are cute, though. But now that we know they’ve been on your half-rhino feet, do we have to worry about li’l Chilkat catching Semirhinocerositis?

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